BI Reporting Solution Center

Our mission is to help organizations gain competitive advantage by transforming unwieldy data that is difficult and time-consuming to analyze into accessible, relevant, and meaningful information, available in a few key strokes. There’s no “one-size fits all” solution in Business Intelligence.The choice of technology must be based on informed decisions based on clear aims and objectives.

We work with the leading application providers and their various technologies for a complete set of Business Intelligence capabilities. The advantages gained by implementing business intelligence are:

  • Enhanced reaction and sensitivity of the organization toward the customers
  • Capability to respond to market transformations
  • Improved optimality within operations
  • Effective use and saving of wealth
  • Intricate study assisting for future prospects
  • Optimum utilization of organizational resources

Training Solutions

Tigma offers a range of performance-driven training options to cater to BI industry needs. We provide customized training (services) & off-the-shelf training courses in various BI products. We have very updated courses on Information Builders WebFOCUS products. We also offer the corporate training programs in WebFOCUS products. Contact us for more information.

Technologies Stack