Integrating Business Strategy

We are pioneer in implementing BI solutions using IBI WebFOCUS and its related technologies like BI Dashboards, BI Portals, iWay DataMigrator and Omni-Gen Data Management. Throughout the years, Tigma has implemented outstanding Information Builders BI solutions for our clients like Executive Dashboards, Customer Facing Applications etc. We provide cost effective, on-time offshore application development using WebFOCUS based technologies.

Protecting your information assets

With Tigma, organizations can reduce project risks by working with dedicated Tigma professionals who can help you master the complexity that prevents you from realizing the full value of your information assets through following services.

BI Analytics

As organizations prepare for return to growth, they need a balanced set of capabilities to outperform the competition. But, competitors are always changing the rules and organizations must continually revisit strategies for managing growth, innovation, cost and risk. Thus Business Intelligence Analytics comes in place. We provide competent liaison between leading BI industry Vendors and Customer in regards to product selection, implementation, upgrades, training and resources.

Dashboards & Scorecards

Enterprises have noticed the wide gap between BI’s great potential and the disappointing results of many operational BI projects. Often BI data is outdated faster than it is created. An organization’s BI platform spans the following three categories of functionality: data integration, information delivery and analysis. Tigma Technologies serves your agile BI needs, providing virtualized data services for your dashboards, applications, scorecards etc. using the various BI products.

Data Mining and Data Analysis

Data Mining and Data Analysis are a subset of Business Intelligence (BI). These two are also incorporates data warehousing, database management systems, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Two basic components are used in Data Mining, together to prepare a data warehouse for use and to develop information from it, including:

  • ETL tools, used to bring data from diverse sources together in a single, accessible structure, and load it into the data mart or data warehouse.
  • Data mining tools, which use a variety of techniques, including neural networks, and advanced statistics to locate patterns within the data and develop hypotheses.

Analysis of the data includes simple query and reporting functions, statistical analysis, more complex multidimensional analysis, and data mining. Online analytical processing (OLAP) is most often associated with multidimensional analysis, which requires powerful data manipulation and computational capabilities.

At Tigma, we provide these two solutions to you with choice of your technology. We are very versatile with Information Builders iWay products and various other industry leading technologies to solve your data issues.

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